Authentic. Compassionate. Committed.


Think of the law as very controlled, scripted conflict. It’s where we work out our differences and find resolutions we can live with. You don’t want to enter this arena unprepared. In us you will find a genuine team of people with an unmatched skill set and a devotion to your cause. Our fierce commitment to advocacy comes through in how we communicate: the team at the Law Office of Kasra Parsad is always available to promptly answer questions, give updates, and keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

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Why Choose Us

Genuine Authenticity

Our trust and respect originate with our authenticity. Working with our clients openly and honestly, from a human perspective, allows us to build a better relationship.  There’s no better way to truly understand another person than through a personable approach. The Law Office of Kasra Parsad is not just a full-service law firm, it’s an experience — a more honest, transparent, and authentic one.


Unmatched Skills

At the Law Office of Kasra Parsad, we are devoted to the rule of law. We exercise an originalist yet progressive approach to law, our practice, and our firm. We strongly believe that the law does not keep up with society but rather society keeps up with the law. But sometimes, the law should adapt and adjust as we change. This is why we constantly challenge the fundamentals as well as the limits of the law. We question and challenge every aspect of the law before following it and see whether we can not only change it for our clients but for the better. 


We Care

Any attorney can “handle” your case. But the Law Office of Kasra Parsad provides a level of care largely absent in today’s legal profession. You are not treated as another client but as a member of our family. Your legal matter is personal to us, and we work relentlessly to keep the process stress-free for you. We care about what happens to you — it’s as simple as that.


Our Philosophy


Always do right and do best for the client.

Its your cause, not ours. Your interest is always ahead of ours.


Always prepared.

Preparation is everything. It is the foundation of our confidence and success.


Return phone calls.

Seriously. You’ll always know what is going on in your case. 

Let’s Work Together