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Slip and falls account for over 1 million hospital visits per year. Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries such as broken or fractured hips and wrists, traumatic brain injuries, and broken backs. If you or a loved one recently suffered a personal injury in a slip and fall accident on someone’s property, the Santa Rosa slip and fall lawyer at the Law Office of Kasra Parsad may be able to help you recover financially. A property owner, or another party, could owe you compensation for your damages. We can help with the insurance and legal process by answering your claims-related questions and helping obtain the compensation you deserve. 

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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen in parking lots, grocery stores, hospitals, and many other types of premises. After all, it only takes one spilled beverage or puddle to cause an injury on someone’s property. The Santa Rosa slip and fall lawyer at the Law Office of Kasra Parsad can review your specific case and identify the cause of your fall and the person or entity that may be financially responsible for your losses. Common causes of slips and falls include:

      • Lack of warning signs on wet floors
      • Dangerous floor surfaces
      • Freshly mopped or waxed floors
      • Food debris
      • Greasy floors
      • Poor cleaning schedules
      • Poor lighting
      • Spill liquids
      • Poor floor construction (I.e. uneven floors)
      • Obstructions (items such as electrical cords)

Speak with a Santa Rosa slip and fall accident lawyer from the Law Office of Kasra Parsad today to learn more about your case and whether your slip and fall accident warrants a personal injury claim. You never know how a competent lawyer might be able to help you, so there is nothing to lose by getting in touch with our office. Our complimentary consultation comes at no cost and we work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t pay a cent unless we can recover for you.

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Everlasting and disastrous injuries are common in slip and fall accidents on someone’s property. In fact, in 2020, 42,114 people died due to falls that occurred at work or at home. Slip and fall accident victims will have to live with the results of the accident for the rest of their lives. This includes physical injuries as well as possible emotional and mental damage. Our Santa Rosa slip and fall lawyer helps clients with all types of personal injuries arising from slip and fall accident claims:

    • Back injuries
    • Bone fractures
    • Brain injuries
    • Broken bones
    • Burns
    • Concussions
    • Cuts and scrapes
    • Head injuries
    • Knee injuries
    • Major lacerations
    • Neck injuries
    • Nerve damage
    • Permanent disabilities
    • Scarring and disfigurement
    • Soft Tissue Injuries

Slip and Fall Accident Damages

Each slip and fall case is different. Numerous factors will determine the success of your claim and ultimately the amount of compensation you will recover. When you hire the Law Office of Kasra Parsad, our attorney will examine your medical records, accident-related expenses, and other evidence you have to determine the types of damages you may be able to recover. The following are some damages you may be able to recover after your slip and fall accident:

    • Medical expenses: These costs include days spent at the hospital, surgery, prescription pills, transportation to the hospital, and doctor visits.
    • Rehabilitation costs: Depending on the severity of the injury from a slip and fall accident, many clients need physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation to recover from their injuries. 
    • Future/Past medical expenses: Permanent, long-lasting injuries from slip and fall accidents will continue to cost clients for many years to come. We seek compensation now to cover those costs.
    • Lost income: The severity of a slip and fall injury can prevent clients from returning to work. This ultimately results in clients losing income and other benefits, leaving them struggling to support their families. We will always seek compensation for those losses.
    • Diminished earning capacity: Serious slip and fall injuries can prevent clients from entirely returning to their job. As a result, some clients will have to take lower-paying jobs. We seek compensation to make up for this loss in earning power. 

We also assist our clients in obtaining compensation for nonphysical injuries. In California, plaintiffs are allowed to seek compensation for their emotional, mental, and psychological suffering in addition to their physical impairment and economic losses. The Law Office of Kasra Parsad can help you seek a just amount for your pain and suffering, emotional damages, grief, and distress after a slip and fall injury. 

What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

After a slip and fall accident in Santa Rosa, it may be hard to think clearly. There are important steps you can take immediately following a slip and fall accident to help build a strong claim. These tips can affect the outcome of your claim, so it is important to follow these tips to avoid any disputes about liability and damages. After a slip and fall accident, take the following steps:

    • Report the incident to the property manager or owner, then ask for a copy.
    • Ask for a copy of the security footage, if any exist.
    • Do not accept fault.
    • Examine the property for dangerous conditions.
    • Take many photographs of the scene, including property damage, your injuries, what caused your slip and fall, the conditions around you, etc.
    • Collect contact information from any eyewitness who may have seen the slip and fall.
    • Go to the hospital for medical care.
    • Make sure to tell the doctor about every part of your body that feels pain. Do not minimize or leave out any of your injuries. Be forthright.
    • If given, follow your doctor’s treatment instructions, and do not miss any future doctor appointments.
    • Safely secure the clothes and shoes you were wearing during the incident.
    • Document the accident while it is fresh in your head. Afterward, keep a journal describing your pain and injuries and your recovery process.
    • Before speaking with a lawyer, do not speak to an insurance adjuster or accept any sort of offer from the insurance company.
    • Get off social media. In the alternative, make your posts private.
    • Contact the Law Office of Kasra Parsad to discuss your claim with our Santa Rosa slip and fall lawyer.

How Long Do You Have To Bring a Claim?

California law provides that plaintiffs have two years to file a claim for injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. If a bicycle accident involved a fatal death, two years is also the limit for filing a wrongful death claim.  As soon as possible after an accident, you should reach out to a Santa Rosa slip and fall lawyer.

How Can a Santa Rosa Slip and Fall Lawyer Help?

The last thing you want to deal with after a serious slip and fall is fighting the insurance company over fair compensation for your harm. It can be tempting to accept the first offer the insurance company throws your way when your injuries are throbbing, bills are piling up, and you’re missing work and not making an income. The insurance company is looking to protect their company’s profits. They accomplish this goal by offering you a lowball offer that will not fully compensate you for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs. Whatever the insurance company may tell you, they likely are not on your side when you file a claim against them.

As soon as possible, you’ll want to contact our Santa Rosa personal injury attorney to assess your options. You should never accept the insurance company’s first offer, let alone speak to the insurance adjuster, without consulting with a slip and fall accident attorney. Let our qualified attorneys help you recover the fair and full compensation you deserve while you focus on your recovery.

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